Cyclone by Larissa Ladd


By Larissa Ladd

  • Publication Date: 2015-05-14
  • Genre: Paranormal

Book Synopsis

CYCLONE is part four of a fantasy romance serial.

Aria is an accident waiting to happen. After her grandmother’s death, she’s more unstable than ever. She can’t forget the pleasure she found in Aiden’s arms or the longing she has for him each day. Thinking she might not be able to pull out of her downward spiral scares her. She’s the most powerful Air Elemental but, to the elders, her instability is a danger to everyone, including herself. Her testing begins and she’s unbeatable until the Elders throw her a curve ball—she’s to decide if her former lover, Alex, lives or dies. Whether or not Alex is executed she realizes she’s sealed her own fate and…this time Dylan and Aiden may not be able to save her. 

An Elemental Series is an adult romance filled with magic that is meant for mature audiences, 18 and older only.

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