Lord Cowboy by Lady Jayne Ascot

Lord Cowboy

By Lady Jayne Ascot

  • Publication Date: 2015-02-09
  • Genre: Erotica

Book Synopsis

ROMANCE EMBRACES US like a tropical breeze. It warms and comforts us, and makes us feel whole. The question is, will Romance come as a zephyr, scented with flowers and exotic aromas – or as a hurricane?

For lonely English war widow Gwen, it will be the latter. By summer 1944, England is a place of sacrifice and hardship. Death abounds. Whilst ground battles are limited to Europe, the V-Blitz brings deadly Nazi wonder weapons like the V-1.

Amidst days of sandbags and nights of Blackout, Gwen's builds warplanes. Since 1940, she has lost too many people. Her husband, an RAF Pilot, was killed a year ago. To keep her sanity, she has adopted a simple tenet: "Everybody dies." But she is so lonely. She knows she cannot long survive without physical affection, but the idea of a "tawdry love affair" repels her.

DURING THE BLACKOUT, a strange ritual has evolved. A lonely English woman will go out into the night to a place where Military Officers are known to gather. When she finds one she finds attractive, she will politely enquire, "Would you like to come home with me?"

If he agrees, for one special night they will share every tenderness – and an intimacy known only to the most trusting lovers. She will open her body to him completely, and he in turn will do all he can to please her in every way. Later there will be no Good-byes, but only So-longs.

Gwen's best friend persuades her to visit a darkened Service Club, where Gwen nervously asks an American Bomb-Aimer to go home with her. The evening turns into a sexual disaster.

TIME PASSES. Rock is an American Lightning Pilot, a widower who was a Texas cowboy before the War. His philosophy matches Gwen's – "Shoot, what's the worst that could happen? You get yourself daid." He carries a torch for his late wife as big as a wildfire, but in often facing Death, he has become unbearably lonely.

On a perilous mission over the Reich, his aeroplane is mortally wounded by Luftwaffe fighters. He barely reaches England, to crash-land on an RAF Air-field next to a huge equestrian estate.
Stricken, Rock almost runs over Gwen on horse-back (!) Viewing her in passing, he is smitten by her loveliness. She never sees him clearly, but only as some "stupid bloody Yank".
MORE TIME passes. Still lonely, Gwen is again convinced to seek male company in the dark. By chance she chooses Rock. Unlike the Bomb-Aimer, Rock is a true gentleman, with a heart as big as all outdoors. He takes her not to bed, but to dinner.

Gwen explains that her late husband was an English Lord, but "Lady" is a title she abhors. Rock is shocked to realise Gwen is the equestrienne he almost killed, but says nothing. And she flirts openly. When she learns his Father in Texas is a "cattle baron", Gwen playfully dubs Rock LORD COWBOY. He teasingly names her "Cowgirl" in return.

AT HER FLAT, any amorous plans are ended by a V-1 explosion nearly killing them. They recover at a small hotel, where real Romance begins with an intimate bath for two. Still, sex does not enter the picture. This will be no tawdry "love affair" after all.

When Gwen's factory is later destroyed by more V-1s, she seeks refuge at her former Mother-in-Law's equestrian estate in Suffolk (yes – the same farm where Rock came to grief).

Rock returns to the War. Later, when he and Gwen finally end up in bed, they are as sexually daring as two people can be. Their passion grows with each encounter, but as the War pushes them deeper into each other's arms, the pressure becomes unbearable. At last, the question
becomes: can their Romance prove stronger than Death? Or will Death prove Invincible ...?

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