Instant Study Skills: How to Study Instantly! by The INSTANT-Series

Instant Study Skills: How to Study Instantly!

By The INSTANT-Series

  • Publication Date: 2015-02-15
  • Genre: Education

Book Synopsis

How to Study Instantly!

It's late at night. You're staring at the vast amount of texts that you're trying to wrap your head around for 10 different chapters you have to get through for 2 of your exams, also on top of a term-paper to write.

The clock is ticking. With less than 8 hours left for sleep being used for studying that should have been commenced weeks're now burning the midnight oil, as you take another sip of coffee, feeling the pressure and stress by the monstrous workload. Being tired, overwhelmed, and scarce for time feel like throwing in the towel.

Should you? Of course not! If you give up now...what does that say about life for you when other goings get tough? Certainly, that's not how you want to go through life.

What should you do? How about changing up how you study? Start studying smarter...not harder, and especially not longer.

Doesn't matter if it's for school, for work, or for whatever reasons...we all need to study to get by. The sad part is most people are doing it ineffectively, taking up more time than necessary so that's why they get behind or overwhelmed.

That's where effective study skills come in.

Within "Instant Study Skills":

* How to study using micro-mental repetitions and this interlinking technique to make the materials manageable and memorable.

* How to speed-run through your studies when you're at a crutch for time so you only take in the necessary crucial stuffs and not killing time on the unimportance.

* How to associate imageries to information when you can't recall what you've studied to trigger your memory back from these gap moments?

* How to involve your physical-self into your studying for full-body studying to be fully engaged for longer concentration and retention.

* How to take your studying to a whole new level using visualizations to not only make studying fun and enjoyable but easier.

* Plus, custom practical "how-to" strategies, techniques, applications and exercises to improve study skills.

...and much more.

Whether you're studying traditionally on paper or digitally on electronic can study smarter, faster, and better now!

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Latest User Reviews

  • Instant Studying Works!

    By Bekah_W
    Being a student, speedy study skills are needed. Good, speedy study skills that work are hard to come by or come up with. But, “Instant Study Skills: How to Study Instantly!,” by The Instant-Series gives students great ideas on how to effectively manage time and study to the best of their ability. Chapter one explains why one needs to learn how to study more effectively. Chapter two discusses several techniques. The first is based on repetition. By condensing the information you have to learn into more bite-size chunks it is easy to process and therefore easier to learn. As a college student, with over 100 pages to read every night for various courses this technique works great for me because with each chunk of information, you summarize into smaller phrases. Then when you go over that information again, it is easier to swallow. Chapter three is about Interlinking. This concept was not very difficult to understand, but when applying it to my studying, it did not pay off for me. I remembered a little more than usual, but I was not confident in my ability to recall the information. Chapter four is about the visuals. The book encouraged learners to use diagrams. This works well because humans are visual people and are more apt to remember a picture than a thousand words. Chapter five is about to effectively take notes. This was great to have in the book because they explained that if you don’t have good notes to look back on, you don’t have the resources to study from . This idea was a bit of a no-brainer for me as I have a certain system in how I take notes. I think that many people in college have a certain way they take notes that works for them. Chapter six is about how to incorporate physicality into studying. This was a new idea to me and it is brilliant! Chapters 7 and 8 both have to deal with time and how it relates to studying and doing homework. Chapter eight was the most beneficial chapter for me because it combined some of the other techniques into one to study fast and well teaching you how to skim. There are five steps to skimming a text. Basically, you read all of the titles in the chapter and write down summaries of the introduction on flashcards to use later for studying. Overall this book is great. It has great ideas and great examples on how to use each technique. The exercises that are given in the book really help to sink in the technique so that you remember how to study instantly and more effectively next time. For college students, especially, this is a great book and I highly recommend it.