Emerge by Heather Sunseri


By Heather Sunseri

  • Publication Date: 2015-03-03
  • Genre: Dystopian
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 142 Ratings)

Book Synopsis

From the author of the Mindspeak series comes the first in a brand new dystopian romance series. 

Six years ago, a highly contagious virus wiped out more than ninety-nine percent of the country’s population. The only person to contract the virus and survive, Cricket fled her identity and the safety of New Caelum, an airtight city. Now eighteen, she watches the city where the wealthy cocooned from the devastating outbreak. When the city’s rumbling incinerator wakes her one night while she and her friends are camping just beyond the city walls, she alone knows what the fiery machine means: the lethal virus is back.

Only eighteen, Westlin Layne is already being groomed to succeed his mother as New Caelum’s next president. Suddenly West’s sister develops symptoms of the deadly virus thought to be eradicated years ago. Placed under quarantine, the president confesses to West a long-held secret: Christina Black, West’s childhood friend and first love, survived the virus, and her body alone holds the precious antibodies to save his sister.

Now West must leave the city to find Christina. But Cricket has no intention of being found.

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Latest User Reviews


    By SlotaStopListening
    This was the best series ever. I think it would be a great movie. Well worth the money and time.
  • Dystopian for the Win!

    By Jamieelizabeth77
    Wow! I've been dying to read this book for awhile. When I realized I could download the audiobook to accompany my eBook, I jumped on it and flew through it. I love dystopian, and I truly enjoyed the character development. The first book was neatly tied up while leading perfectly into the next. I'm truly looking forward to continuing the series and heading over to download the eBook and audiobook now.
  • Book 1

    By Aura - adaa124
    I wish the author trusted readers to remember what they read because the amount of recaps each Ch. was frustrating. Nonetheless loved this story & excited to continue the series.
  • Book

    By Cgh,cryjxfgixgfj fgj
    This is an awesome book! Ive read it 3 thime and it has filled my need for a good book once and a while. I LOVE THIS BOOK😍😌😊
  • Emerge series

    By Brep83
    I really enjoyed these books, thank you.
  • Waste of time

    By kkg9990
    Emerge is okay at best. The series just spirals downward from there.
  • Emerge

    By Garkar
    This was a well written series of books. I am definitely looking forward to reading more from the author....
  • Emerge

    By RollTide1585
    Just finished the entire series well written and a very gripping story. I couldn't stop reading. I read the mind speak series waiting on the third book of this series to be released and I almost think I liked the mind speak books just a little bit more. Both series are a great story and a great read.
  • Emerge

    By Proctorasshole
    Loved the imagination it took you to write this genre book plus how the characters really seemed real and the chemistry between each one really felt like watching an intriguing movie. Again thanks for entertaining those of us (who have science degrees) with the edge of reality infused with topics that inquiring minds enjoy so much. Kim, BBA, BSN, RN
  • Awesome

    By CompulsiveReader-WrItEr
    Emerge was amazing and very well written. If you liked the Mindspeak series you will absolutely love this one. Can't wait for the next book.