Deep South by Paul Theroux

Deep South

By Paul Theroux

  • Publication Date: 2016-10-18
  • Genre: United States
4 Score: 4 (From 43 Ratings)

Book Synopsis

“Theroux’s eye for landscape remains as sharp as ever . . . It’s Theroux’s remarkable gift for getting strangers to reveal themselves that makes going along for this ride worthwhile.” — New York Times Book Review
Paul Theroux has spent the past fifty years roaming the globe, describing his encounters with remote people and far-flung places in ten best-selling travel books. Now, for the first time, he explores a part of America—the Deep South. Setting out on a winding road trip, Theroux discovers a region of architectural and artistic wonders, incomparable music, mouth-watering cuisine—and also some of the worst schools, medical care, housing, and unemployment rates in the nation.
                Yet, no matter where he goes, Theroux meets the unsung heroes of the South, the people who, despite it all, never left, and also those who found their way home and devoted their lives to rebuilding a place they could never live without.
“Paul Theroux’s latest travel memoir had me at hello . . . Theroux pulls no punches in his quest to understand this overlooked margin of American life.” — Boston Globe
“A vivid contemporary portrait of rural life . . . a deeply affecting personal account.” — Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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Latest User Reviews

  • Deep South

    By P,aul
    Do not waste your money. Every stereotype is here, plus a few more this Southern boy did not know about. Every Southerner will laugh out loud! I have read most of Paul's travel books. Did he flim flam then too?
  • This Yankee has no clue about the South!!!

    By Pigfishlane
    Ok, I confused this author with another travel writer I have read in the past, Bill Bryson. The title was a "gotcha" since my family has lived in the Carolinas since the 1600s. I could not finish it, the author has such cockamamie notions and seems more interested in portraying a stereotype of rednecks and poor downtrodden rural folk!!! I mean really, one visits Charleston, SC to visit a gun show? How about the Spoleto Festival?! He unfairly portrays a small representation of the true Southern native and only has leftist views. And WHY do Yankees think it adds to a tale to include their take on the pronunciation of southern accents? Just like I cringe when I hear folks in movies or tv shows fake a southern accent, give it up!!! Never have heard a Southerner try to pass as a Yankee! I gave up reading his uninteresting tale about a third of the way through this book, hated to waste my money but did not need to keep spoiling my day when I read it. Y'all spend your money elsewhere.