North Carolina by Robert Owen Cobb

North Carolina

By Robert Owen Cobb

  • Publication Date: 2015-10-05
  • Genre: United States

Book Synopsis

My friend, though I only knew him through his journalism, the late Charles Kuralt once wrote a book called North Carolina Is My Home, which occupies a prominent position on my bookshelves. While I agree with the author and his writing 101%, I would better argue that, North Carolina, Tarheels All And Damned Proud Of It, might have been a far better title. 

For all of my years, it was tobacco and nothing else but tobacco, which I considered a very good thing to be a part of. My Daddy and uncle raised it for market sale in Danville, VA and my mother worked for the American Tobacco Company in Reidsville, NC. 

Tragedy struck in 1998 when people whom I consider as undesirable moved in next door. It proved much more than I could endure. After my retirement, I sold all of my property, packed my belongings and relocated west to Clemmons NC, where I discovered yet another Mayberry.

After having traveled all across America, Canada, Western Europe and The Mediterranean, I have returned to my roots to tell readers why North Carolina is the best of all American states.

The video Here Come The Darlings is courtesy of Yahoo Images, the video North Carolina Is My Home is courtesy of UNC-TV, Charles Kuralt and Loomis McGlohan, the video Your Hit Parade is courtesy of Yahoo Images and the song Nothing Could Be Finer Than To Be In Carolina is courtesy of The Piano Bar Cocktail Lounge.

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