Junoon by Satish Seth


By Satish Seth

  • Publication Date: 2009-01-01
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events

Book Synopsis

As a passionate Indian, who is tired of carrying the tag of a citizen of an under-developed country earlier and now a developing country, the pangs of being known as a citizen of a developed country are too fierce to be suppressed any more.

For us Indians, prosperity is not a new phenomenon! Indian History is abound with timeless sagas of success, knowledge and wisdom that has set the contours for evolution of human civilization in this world. A couple of centuries of foreign rule and half a century of questionable governance cannot confine to ashes the inherent strength and pent-up potential that is waiting to be unleashed.

The question that arises is whose responsibility is it to lift India and position her into that supreme orbit that is rightfully hers. Each one of us today is racing ahead in life. But our races are individual, tracks incongruent and destinations grossly skewed. 

Its time to pause – despite the race!  
Its time to slow down – despite the pace!
Its time to review our tracks, re-align our directions and reset our goals!

This urge for penning this book is perhaps akin to that child who wishes to flag off the train at the railway station in a direction which is different and objective which is contrary to the set practice. 
Through this book, I have made an innocent but defiant attempt to flag off a journey for India that would navigate her in the right direction and at optimum pace. This would be an effort worthwhile to have attempted even if some of you choose to hold this flag along with me. 

I am sure the rest will follow! 

Satish Seth

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