Essentially Questioning God by Becky Williams

Essentially Questioning God

By Becky Williams

  • Publication Date: 2014-03-06
  • Genre: Religion & Spirituality

Book Synopsis

Essentially Questioning God is an outreach to people of various levels of belief and faith to try to come to a cohesive understanding of the complexities of life.  It looks at essential theological questions from the different aspects of belief and non-belief.  The great questions of ‘Why is this thus? What is the reason for this thusness?’ (Artemus Ward) are brought to mind.  Questions that have troubled believers and non-believers for generations, like ‘if there were a God how could He have let this happen?’ and ‘what is really out there?’ are deeply addressed from deism, theism, agnosticism, atheism to pantheism perspectives.
Becky Williams is a theistic believer, wife, mother, grandmother, and also a Medical Nurse for over 25 years.  She’s been exposed to various levels of belief, attended several Christian Churches while in foster care, married first to a Catholic and later to a Holistic Practitioner, but has been a Latter-day Saint all her life.  Her hobbies include genealogy, crafting and poetry. She’s the author of ‘I Love Poetry’ and has several music CDs singing praises to God: ‘Holiness To The Lord,’ ‘Merry Christmas’ and some singles.
Table Of Contents (page numbers are for the Book/Print version):
Dedication / Acknowledgments / Disclaimer . . . v / vi
Preface . . . vii
Chapter 01: Questioning The Questioners . . . 11
Chapter 02: How Could A Loving God Allow Suffering? . . . 17
Chapter 03: How Could A Loving God Torture You For
                   Eternity For Disobedience? . . . 31
Chapter 04: Why Did A Loving God, Who Is So Perfect,
                   Create A World Where Pain Could Exist? . . . 50
Chapter 05: Why Doesn’t God Intervene To Protect The
                   Innocent? . . . 65
Chapter 06: Why Did A So-called Perfect God Make The
                   Mistake Of Creating ‘Imperfect’ Beings? . . . 78
Chapter 07: The Old Testament Is Full of Mistakes, So It
                   Can’t Be Correct . . . 87
Chapter 08: I Can’t Reconcile The Wrathful God Of The
                   Old Testament With The Creative God . . . 106
Chapter 09: Why Are There Not More Miracles In Our
                   Day As In Biblical Times? . . . 126
Chapter 10: Do Ghosts Exist?
                   Can You Talk To The Dead? . . . 136
Chapter 11: Are There Really Aliens And UFOs? . . . 146
Chapter 12: Conclusion . . . 165
References . . . 167
Edited by Yvonne J.
Published by JoDArc Publishers.
Cover Design by JoDArc.

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