Victims No Longer by Mike Lew

Victims No Longer

By Mike Lew

  • Publication Date: 2014-01-15
  • Genre: Self-Improvement

Book Synopsis

VICTIMS NO LONGER was the first book written specifically for non-offending adult male survivors of incest and other  sexual child abuse, rape, physical violence, emotional abuse, abandonment and neglect.   It offers hope and encouragement to these  courageous men and those who love them - partners, family, and friends - as they heal from their traumas of boyhood, adolescence, and manhood. This book has remained in print for over 25 years. Updated, revised, and translated, its messages resonate with survivors and allies across cultural, linguistic, racial, religious and geographical boundaries. The ebook version will provide an additional resource to survivors, therapists, counselors, and allies throughout the world. VICTIMS NO LONGER is a gentle guide, a resource for healing, learning, and thriving, helping survivors to: break through isolation, shame, fear, and grief; achieve understanding of the long-term effects of sexual abuse; and take power over their lives, relationships, work, emotions, and sexuality. It enables the reader to begin working through issues of trust, intimacy, sexual confusion, loss, power, control, and connection - making life choices that aren’t determined by the abuse. Topics include masculinity, emotions, sexuality, homophobia, shame, guilt, survival strategies, perfectionism, individual and group therapy, confrontation, forgiveness, and moving on. Universal, yet deeply personal, VICTIMS  NO LONGER offers a sense of belonging, understanding, andliberation for men at all stages of recovery. This classic work has been called “life-saving,” “compassionate,” “comprehensive,” “clear,” “moving,” “a beacon of hope,” “definitive,” “warm,” “a salvation,” “comforting,” “challenging,” “required reading,” and “loving.”  VICTIMS NO LONGER continues to speak clearly and powerfully to the pain, fears, needs, hopes, and dreams of male survivors and the people who care about them as they navigate their odyssey of recovery.

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Latest User Reviews

  • Amazing.

    By Ravenlovesbach
    I had a unique view on my life. I started reading this book. It helped me start to see myself and the world in ways I never thought of. I have to say I am a better man so far and I am not half way through the book. Some times I can't set it down. There are other times I have to and process what a read. I have to go back and read again. I will probably share it and read it over completely again. I understand sexuality better and why I felt the way I did when I was victimized as a young boy by my brother and a neighbor. It may make you cry at times and it may make you angry. There are reasons for that. Pay attention to your emotions. They are there for a reason. This book is real and touches on every part of abuse. From the abuser to the abused. Why they did it and why you feel the way you do now and as the boy who learned the destructive ways of abuse was comforting at times. Guilt, fear, comfort, grief, anger, addiction, acting macho and any compensation we have to comfort us. This book helps us. It's okay to feel scared. It's natural. What do you have to,lose. 13 dollars. Or the rest of your life? Change isn't easy and you will have to work hard for it. Don't give up but regulate your progress don't expect it over night.