Little Ronny by Brunswick Bannernickel

Little Ronny

By Brunswick Bannernickel

  • Publication Date: 2013-09-21
  • Genre: Children's Fiction
5 Score: 5 (From 11 Ratings)

Book Synopsis

Join Ronny, a creative and mischievous boy, in a story about brotherly
love and the funniness, fright, and friendship that comes along with it.

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Latest User Reviews

  • I luv little ronny

    By jake T mango
    little ronny is grate. i luved reading it and it helped impruve my spelling and gammer. each page i red seemed to improve my abilities in reading, writing, and grammar comprehension. I would highly recommend this book to anyone in the early stages of reading (ideally age groups 6-9).
  • little ronny is the best!

    By Jimmy Calcutcha
    This book is really good and my mom likes it too!
  • Little Ronny

    By Chacha Van der Cleif
    Outstanding!!!! Little Ronny is a hit with my son and daughter. I also (strangely enough) enjoyed it tremendously. A clever story line, combined with great artwork brings the message home. It's great to see a book with a more traditional spin on the artwork- none of the cheap digital stuff you see everywhere now.
  • Little Ronny Rules!

    By Skippy Norwenger
    Awesome Book! I liked it a lot! my favorite part was the traps. the part where ronny gets scared was cool too!
  • Good book: "Little Ronny"

    By Mamma Midwife
    Good Book. Some of the rhymes are a bit cumbersome, but all in all, it's a 5 star read. Love the pictures. Excellent for 6-9 year old readers.
  • Little Ronny

    By Denise E Govender
    Excellent read- entertaining for both adults and children alike. Great graphics bring the stor to life.
  • Little Ronny

    By Coachtrump
    I found Little Ronny to be one of most well written children's book I have seen in my career as a professional educator. It not only keeps the reader engaged with the story but I found the illustrations to be outstanding as well. Additionally, the story teaches a morale as well, that one should be careful how one treats others - "what goes around comes around", but does so not in a preachy manner but an entertaining one. My hope is that the author continues to publish more works such as this as there is a general lack of quality literature for children.
  • Little Ronny

    By Mrs. CR Trump
    Excellent! Best book I have introduced to my third grade classroom in many years.
  • Little Ronny

    By John B. Quigly
    Little Ronny is a great book with the potential to become a classic. The artwork is fantastic- down to the finest detail. The only drawback is that it seems to have a limited target audience, set for young boys in the ages 6-8. Also, some of the vocabulary might be a bit advanced for younger readers, but that is actually a positive attribute, as it will stimulate inquisitiveness and linguistic development in line with today’s increasing developmental standards.