Temporary Marriage by Thabi Majabula

Temporary Marriage

By Thabi Majabula

  • Publication Date: 2013-04-04
  • Genre: Contemporary

Book Synopsis

Dalu has been married several months to a woman who barely tolerates him, then he says that he wants to meet her family. She is reluctant, but finally, she agrees. Her family is shocked by her marriage to Dalu.

His wife returns home upset, and he goes to investigate the source of her tension. He ends up in a fight, over her.

When he goes to negotiate amalobolo, he is afraid that he will be charged out of pocket, but his in-laws ask for reasonable things, then they say that they want to meet his family, and know that their daughter will be looked after well.

He wakes up in hospital, his parents are there, and upset that they have a daughter-in-law that they knew nothing about. When Dalu is discharged, that is when his parents express displeasure.

His father returns to his home, leaving Dalu’s mother to seek medical attention.

Dalu’s wife tells him something that makes him feel as if the world is closing in on him, then he and his wife investigate further.

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