Luck of the Irish by Ronnie Carroll

Luck of the Irish

By Ronnie Carroll

  • Publication Date: 2012-09-26
  • Genre: Europe

Book Synopsis

Luck of the Irish

World War II has produced unspeakable horrors. The war ended 67 years ago yet still more human dramas are. emerging. The personal consequences to families and individuals, of their nature, were not the subject of historical record. But nevertheless pain and sorrow was deep and lasting. Our story covers the experiences of an Irish family forced to emigrate. They could barely afford to eat let alone clothe themselves. From this anguish and despair they found that they'd landed in England right at the outbreak of war.

We follow the consequences of the evacuation to the children. The two boys experienced cruelty, violent beatings and deprivation. One of the two girls was abused by a paedophile. They were both then confined in a convent for five years. Noel and Ronnie had eventful military experiences and Mary and Clare had hapless and very unfortunate marriages. Mrs Carroll on her own, performed miracles to create a home and an income for the family, in the absence if the father who had gone off and volunteered for the army.

Many families paid a high price for the government policy of evacuation; ostensibly "for their protection" But none suffered more than the Carroll family. Ronnie's family, including his wife of 44 years, died around him. In sadness and desolation he foresaw only a lonely old age in front of him - then came a phone call from Australia

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