BloodFire by Richard Stooker


By Richard Stooker

  • Publication Date: 2012-08-22
  • Genre: Horror

Book Synopsis


Elena's brother Ion visits his home today. But the Boyar already cut Ion's throat and buried him in unconsecrated ground.

Their mother knows Ion returns tonight for his sister. Can she convince the priest to grant him absolution? Or the Boyar to protect Elena from the brother who sinned with her even while still alive? Does Elena want protection from her brother?

In the Middle Ages . . .

Vampires looked more like movie zombies than movie stars.

Vampires didn't introspectively brood on the meaning of their existence.

Vampires did not possess souls.

Vampires didn't act like preppie boys with fangs.

Vampires didn't date, let alone go steady.

Vampires couldn't control their lust for blood -- and didn't want to.

Vampires lived in graveyards.

Vampires looked ugly, not "beautiful."

Vampires smelled bad. They didn't glitter.

If you can handle a vampire who's more than just a tall dark 'bad boy' gone undead -

If you can handle a vampire who wants nothing out of death but blood from the living -

If you can handle blood lust mixed with a young girl's illicit longing for the only man who ever showed her kindness . . .

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A short story, it originally appeared in THE VAMPIRE'S CRYPT 5 Spring 1992.

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