Trash by Elizabeth Camali


By Elizabeth Camali

  • Publication Date: 2012-05-08
  • Genre: Fantasy

Book Synopsis

“They call me Alem “The Asshole” Reed. You won’t be pleased to meet me, ‘cause, quite frankly, I’m a jerk a money-lover, a troublemaker, an underage smoker, and basically, an all ‘round not-so-nice kid. I prefer to believe I’m more bluntly honest about myself than most people I’ve ever met. But you can decide for yourself.”

Meet Alem Reed.

Black Hair. Black eyes. Black temper.

After being kicked out of his fifth high school for fighting, Alem’s dream of getting his high school diploma was destroyed – until he is invited to attend an exclusive but secretive new school.

However, when it’s a school filled with nightmarish creatures who hate humans (or view you as the next delicious snack), tough boy Alem is going to need every fighting skill, witty comment, and gut instinct he’s got if he is going to survive his senior year of high school.

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