Born A Serial Killer by Drac Von Stoller

Born A Serial Killer

By Drac Von Stoller

  • Publication Date: 2012-05-24
  • Genre: Horror
4 Score: 4 (From 61 Ratings)

Book Synopsis

Johnny Delmer was born in a cabin that should have been condemned in a small town known as Docerville. Johnny's parents didn't have much money to put food on the table for little Johnny to eat. Johnny's father Jack worked at Doc's gas station in Docerville whenever he wasn't drunk. Johnny's mother Susan worked as a waitress at Dugers Diner also located in Docerville, but only part-time because she had an alcohol problem as well. The Delmer's didn't own a car, so if they wanted to go to work or to the store they had to walk in the heat, rain or snow. Being that Johnny was just a little boy with dreams and visions like any little boy his age. All Johnny knew was the poor life he was given and had no idea most people owned cars or had running water in their homes. If little Johnny wanted a drink of water he would go to the well in the back of the cabin and if Johnny was lucky he would get enough water in his cup to wet his lips.
Johnny's father had a short fuse and it didn't take much to set him off. If little Johnny wanted to spend time with his daddy. His dad would kick him and tell him to go play with the chickens while he scolded his wife Susan about how awful her food tasted. Johnny didn't like the way his father treated his mother. For instance, if Susan didn't cook his food on time he would beat her or if he thought the food was too cold he would throw the plate of food at her. Jack would make comments like, "What kind of woman are you, you can't cook or clean. I don't know why I married you."Jack would also call her a fat pig. Seeing the way Johnny's father treated his mother was the early stages that would mold little Johnny Delmer into a Serial Killer.
As you read you on you will see clues that mold Johnny Delmer into a Serial Killer. But can he stand out above one of the most written and filmed Serial Killers there ever was ED Gein. Johnny will try to out do his idol, but you be the judge and see if Johnny Delmer is worthy to be the most talked about Serial Killer or will he just be another Serial Killer to fade in the wind.

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Latest User Reviews

  • Good story

    By Idkidkido
    I liked it but the grammar was really bad he saw, he didn't seen it , sheriff and I not me and sheriff, more things but those bothered me the most.
  • JOHNNY.....GEEEEEEZ!!!!!

    By frogsbaby
    The story would have been great if you knew how old JOHNNY was. And I swear I got tired of almost every sentence starting with JOHNNY!!! It was driving me crazy. JOHNNY, JOHNNY, JOHNNY!!!