Chemistry from the Ground Up by David NG

Chemistry from the Ground Up

By David NG

  • Publication Date: 2012-02-21
  • Genre: Chemistry
4 Score: 4 (From 45 Ratings)

Book Synopsis

This textbook covers chemistry topics typically found in a middle school science curriculum. However, it does so by grounding those topics in a deep, fundamental understanding of particles and motion. It is intended for students who enjoy grappling with scientific concepts and constantly asking themselves: why?

Chapter 1: Particle Theory of Matter

• Conservation of Matter
• States of Matter
• Misconceptions About Temperature and State
• Molecular Attraction
• Molecular Speed Distribution
• The Liquid State
• Evaporation
• Condensation
• Dynamic Systems and Equilibrium

Chapter 2: Properties of Matter

• Mass and Measurement
• Measuring Volume
• The Volume of Water and Alcohol
• Density and Pure Substances
• Temperature, Heat Transfer, and Thermal Equilibrium
• Intermolecular Forces and Potential Energy
• Boiling and the Heat of Vaporization
• Thermodynamics of Phase Transitions
• Characteristic Properties of Pure Substances

Chapter 3: Atoms and Molecules

• Subatomic Particles and Atomic Structure
• Using the Periodic Table to Diagram Atoms
• Energy, Stability, and Probability
• Valence Electrons and Chemical Properties
• Forming Chemical Bonds
• Molecules and Compounds
• Chemical Reactions
• Physical and Chemical Change
• Catalysts and Basics of Biochemistry

Chapter 4: Solubility

• Mixtures and Compounds
• Solutions and Measures of Solubility
• Factors Affecting Solubility
• Solubility of Polar and Nonpolar Molecules
• Colloids, Soaps, and Surfactants
• Acid-Base Equilibrium
• Cell Membranes and More Basics of Biochemistry

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Latest User Reviews

  • very helpful intro/refresher for HS and beyond

    By wabn
    This is a particularly lucid, easy to follow, pleasantly presented look at the basics. The illustrations and animations are very, very well done and really take advantage of this medium. The book is a great intro or refresher for a HS or college student (or beyond). Terrific job, David Ng. Please consider making more iBooks, whether on Chemistry or other subjects (Physics?).
  • Fantastic book

    By Jace Nicklien
    This is a great book, so why the 3 star rating? Because the font is so small that I can not read the book. Every time I try to read the book I fall to sleep because of the eye strain. Please fix the font issue and will change rating to 5 stars. This book does has a great way of displaying highlighted text, Apple could learn from this book.
  • Great content!

    By tdrdrg19
  • thank you for free

    By Boraxiar
    This is free textbook. but the contents are amazing.
  • Free!!!

    By Peter Sauer
    This is a great book, but what's even more amazing is that it's free. It does, however need to be spruced up on the cover