Isolation by Dallas Releford


By Dallas Releford

  • Publication Date: 2012-01-27
  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Book Synopsis

When Jess Carter, husband of Laura Carter of Carter Mills, West Virginia decides it is time to find out who has been trespassing on his isolated farm, he encounters strange creatures that propel him into a nightmare that seems never-ending. When the aliens capture him, he discovers that they are attempting to control the weather as part of an extensive invasion from space scheme. The aliens are ghost-like shadow people who interrogate Jess and use a strange machine to program his mind. Before the process is completed, Randall Coleman, the County Sheriff leads other deputies to rescue Jess. Hot on the trail of the aliens, they soon discover that another race, called the Amorgs are also here to destroy the human race. The big question that arises is; are they both part of the same invasion force or are they operating autonomously? Believing that the aliens have programmed his mind so he will perform a horrible deed for them, he struggles to remember what that task might be. Hearing voices in his mind, Jess hopes that he can capture a few of the aliens in hope of using their technology to save his wife Laura. She is dying from ovarian cancer. Jess begins a desperate crusade to capture the leaders of the alien armada so he can save her life.

Jess, Randall and others discover tall, strange towers that seem to have something to do with controlling the weather. Nobody can get close to the towers without getting sick, or dying. After countless battles to defeat the aliens, they learn more and more about them and their terrifying agenda. It soon becomes apparent that both races are part of the same invasion plan. As a humongous blizzard strikes the area and buries it under several feet of snow, they struggle to survive. Joining forces with Leslie Frederick, a meteorologist and United Earth Military Forces they deal with the deep snow, an avalanche that buries Carter Mills and they must defend themselves from the aliens who attack them. As Laura Carter's life drains away, JessĀ¾with the help of the military and othersĀ¾attempts to destroy the towers, rescue Randall and Leslie from an isolated farm under attack by dozens of alien warriors and prevent the aliens from taking over the earth. As an enormous alien armada nears the vicinity of the moon, an anxious military commander, Commander Wesley Boughman waits for them knowing they are outnumbered.

With time running out for Laura and the rest of the world, Jess wonders if they can destroy the towers and stop the storm so the military can fight a ground war while a space war is being conducted. Just as he thinks they might have a chance, the aliens launch an attack from space and destroy one of the armies that has been sent to rescue them. The aliens use micro-robots to their advantage. Can the military and human guerillas defeat the aliens before it is too late? The only hope they have is a victory against the invading armada and the total destruction of the weather making machinery. That hope looks slim as everything nears the end.

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