A True Childhood Haunting by Diana R. Gomez

A True Childhood Haunting

By Diana R. Gomez

  • Publication Date: 2011-11-11
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
3.5 Score: 3.5 (From 378 Ratings)

Book Synopsis

It took me years to decide exactly how I was going to design my non-fiction horror book. Because I have so many ghost encounters to discuss, in different scenarios and with different spectators (Yes, I do have witnesses!), I decided to break it up into short stories. I want my audience to be able to embrace each individual account to the fullest and at the end bring it all together.

I’ll tell you this much, everything I am putting down on paper is real and is my personal account of ghost encounters. I have noticed with many authors of ghost stories that they tend to come to their own conclusions of what ghosts are, what they want, when they come out and what they can do. I have heard so many true ghost stories, along with my own, that I guarantee you that we don’t know one bit of what these entities are all about or what they are after. The stories are just too diversified. How can we possibly really know? Your ghost may differ from my ghost. I will not truly understand anything until I become a ghost myself, and only “if” that really happens to any of us. Some people say ghosts can harm you, others say they can’t… this is why it’s called a phenomenon, right? We just don’t know. I respect others’ opinions but I was left too perplexed with my personal encounters that I can tell you I have no real answers, only speculations.

I am not here to make you believe ghosts are real. I am just here to share my dark side with you. You can create your own conclusions of what ghosts really are but also feel free to contact me with questions. I am always happy to discuss my ghostly experiences!

Once you read the first story I know you’ll want more and this is why it was best for me to break it down into the short story format. For now, hold on tight because story #1 still has me shaking!

Stay tuned for upcoming stories.

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Latest User Reviews

  • Unstructured, stream of consciousness

    By SanMcWal
    The story is interesting but the writing needs to be refined. Focus on the main message and don’t get sidetracked by details that are irrelevant. Those details have an emotional value for you but are confusing and distracting for the reader as they have no real connection to the ghost story itself e.g. the car the couple drives.
  • A true childhood haunting

    By Dhgufhehfbtvg
    Wish it had more
  • Would love to read the continuation..

    By Ocavel
    I'm a huge fan of real hauntings. Reading this short story that tells a true tale of someone's real life haunting experience really resonates with me for I have experienced paranormal phenomena since I was a teenager. So reading Diana's short story had me intrigued at the beginning. I was expecting to read about the many experiences with her ghostly visitor but only got a few. I would have loved more but I guess that's something to look forward too..
  • Awful!

    By Caymans mom
    I find it hard to believe this author is a college graduate. This story could have been written by a 5th grade kid. It is definitely a short story, and a bad one at that. It has no ending, no explanation of what happened after the "ghost" made an appearance. At least it was free, so all I wasted was the 10 minutes it took to read it. Time to delete it from my library! My apologies to the author for the harsh words, but this is "book" is really horrible.
  • ...boring!

    By Asumi Kamijo
    Barely a book, so boring. Its only like 40 pages and most of it is about her boring family etc. its not even scary
  • A true child hood haunting

    By Hugoraven
    The book needed more detail and a better description on how truly terrifying your experience made you feel. Overall the book had my attention in the beginning but then lost me at the end.
  • Haunting

    By 478keilo
    Great read
  • Suspense packed

    By KDlover35-fluffybutt
    I thought your story about your childhood haunting was suspenseful and when that door came open I kinda scared myself lol but I am looking forward to all of your stories- very interesting I bet you were more scared then you let off?!?!! I know I'd be runnin down our dirt road at my granny's in eufaula lol loved it!!!!!!
  • I loved this book

    By Awesome machine 56
    Great book for a little chill up your spine

    I really liked this story..cannot wait for the part 2... two thumps up!! :)))