Expose by Saranne Dawson


By Saranne Dawson

  • Publication Date: 2011-07-15
  • Genre: Contemporary

Book Synopsis


He was daring, dangerous, devious—and her ex-husband!

Like a flash, wonderboy reporter Sam Winters stormed back into Kate Stevens's life—and under the conjugal roof. But Kate was on to the biggest story of her career, tracking a cunning lobbyist and a corrupt politician—one of whom wanted her dead.

Sam claimed he was dead set on protecting her, but Kate knew he would do anything for a story, including steal it from her. Could his open arms and deep blue eyes be telling the truth this time?

As the pieces of her story fit together, Kate didn't know whether her biggest power play of all would be with sexy Sam or the Washington honchos. Only one of them could be trusted.

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