Marijuana 101 by Professor Lee

Marijuana 101

By Professor Lee

  • Publication Date: 2011-04-12
  • Genre: Gardening
3.5 Score: 3.5 (From 7 Ratings)

Book Synopsis

Unlike the vast majority of other grow books, Marijuana 101 reads like an informal study guide for an "Introduction to Growing" course run by a professor who had a successful grow for a decade. Professor Lee involves his readers and helps them over each potential stumbling block, with constant reference to his own experience, giving the book the personal touch similar guides lack. Lee discusses what to think about before even choosing to grow, how to keep it secret, and how to keep it cheap. He also covers what to buy and where, how to make sense of the myriad of equipment, and the merits of different grow techniques. There’s even basic bud history and theory, including how to identify strains and understand the fundamental needs of the precious plants. The benefits of hydroponics, the pros and cons of different soils, and how to breed individual strains are all discussed, but the focus is always the same — ending up with a successful indoor grow.

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Latest User Reviews

  • A good book just to read and for the novice grower!!

    By Aarsangon
    I didn't by this book because I was interested in growing, just something to pass the time, but I do feel that with having read this book I would have a way better chance at growing a single window ledge plant, but I'm not going to... but if I did, I think I could. Shout out to the author!!!!
  • Excellent! Great read.

    By Steve99zz99
    Informative and yet short enough, concise and to the point. This one leaves out some advanced information and techniques, but, it is detailed enough to get a beginner growing without alot of confusion and overwhelming details. A great book for a beginner to mid-level grower. This is my 4th mmj book and I knew most of the info contained, but, I still enjoyed reading this one. Well written. Beautiful pics and excellent genetic info.