The Company We Keep by Robert Baer & Dayna Baer

The Company We Keep

By Robert Baer & Dayna Baer

  • Publication Date: 2011-03-08
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
4 Score: 4 (From 153 Ratings)

Book Synopsis

Robert Baer was known inside the CIA as perhaps the best operative working the Middle East. Over several decades he served everywhere from Iraq to New Delhi and racked up such an impressive list of accomplishments that he was eventually awarded the Career Intelligence Medal.  But if his career was everything a spy might aspire to, his personal life was a brutal illustration of everything a spy is asked to sacrifice. Bob had few enduring non-work friendships, only contacts and acquaintances. His prolonged absences destroyed his marriage, and he felt intense guilt at spending so little time with his children. Sworn to secrecy and constantly driven by ulterior motives, he was a man apart wherever he went.
Dayna Williamson thought of herself as just an ordinary California girl -- admittedly one born into a comfortable lifestyle.  But she was always looking to get closer to the edge.  When she joined the CIA, she was initially tasked with Agency background checks, but the attractive Berkeley graduate quickly distinguished herself as someone who could thrive in the field, and she was eventually assigned to “Protective Operations” training where she learned to handle weapons and explosives and conduct high-speed escape and evasion. Tapped to serve in some of the world's most dangerous places, she discovered an inner strength and resourcefulness she'd never known -- but she also came to see that the spy life exacts a heavy toll.  Her marriage crumbled, her parents grew distant, and she lost touch with friends who'd once meant everything to her.
When Bob and Dayna met on a mission in Sarajevo, it wasn't love at first sight. They were both too jaded for that. But there was something there, a spark. And as the danger escalated and their affection for each other grew, they realized it was time to leave “the Company,” to somehow rediscover the people they’d once been.
As worldly as both were, the couple didn’t realize at first that turning in their Agency I.D. cards would not be enough to put their covert past behind.  The fact was, their clandestine relationships remained.  Living as “civilians” in conflict-ridden Beirut, they fielded assassination proposals, met with Arab sheiks, wily oil tycoons, terrorists, and assorted outlaws – and came perilously close to dying.  But even then they couldn’t know that their most formidable challenge lay ahead.
Simultaneously a trip deep down the intelligence rabbit hole – one that shows how the “game” actually works, including the compromises it asks of those who play by its rules -- and a portrait of two people trying to regain a normal life, The Company We Keep is a masterly depiction of the real world of shadows.

From the Hardcover edition.

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Latest User Reviews

  • The mixture of espionage and family

    By RobB2250
    Bob & Dayna Baer have written a thorough detailed account of the personal and professional struggles that come hand in hand with espionage work and maintaining at least a semblance of family life. This book can be applied to any relationship shared between a member of the military or first responder community and their families. In that regard, I found this book fulfilling.
  • The Company we Keep

    By Legofreak57
    I liked the book although it was hard to follow the caricatures a bit.
  • Fascinating

    By Winnyf1145
    An absolutely fascinating view of what it's like I spy for our country and then attempt to return to a normal life. The sacrifices and pain that our CIA officers go through is often forgotten, this book helps humanize Dayna and Bob - and offers an up front and on person view of the war I Iraq.
  • the company we keep

    By pca57
  • The company we keep

    By Expressoman
    Excellent book, very entertaining. Fascinating lives, in a complicated area of the world.
  • Great Read!

    By adaml7
    I've read some reviews that say there is too much drama for the things they went through to be real. I would say that if everything in this book is true and accurate, these two have had a couple of really interesting lives. If they used some "creative license" then so be's still a fantastic book and a page turner until the end! Thanks for your service.
  • The company we Keep

    By paula Hansen
    I loved this book, it is very easy to read and fluent.
  • Hard to find any truth

    By movies_music
    While in Greece, the house in question has no public place nearby, yet a page or 2 later there pops a coffee shop within 2 blocks! Not sure but this book sounded too much of a fiction based story-telling than anything else. Superficial, somewhat Entertaining, but was NOT as advertised. Not worth the money buying it, nor the time reading it.
  • Excellent

    By LTC Mike
    A true living legend. Sacrifices remain hidden and we often take the blame - but integrity remains. I loved it.