iPad Pages by Minute Help Guides

iPad Pages

By Minute Help Guides

  • Publication Date: 2010-07-12
  • Genre: Computers
3 Score: 3 (From 100 Ratings)

Book Synopsis

This eBook attempts to provide a quick, guided tour of both the basic and the not-so-basic things you can do with Pages. In the first section we cover keyboarding for the iPad, because that is an essential part of the word processing experience you’ll have when you use Pages on it.

In the second section, we help you get the basics of the program down, including formatting, text editing, and document management. In the third section, we provide detailed, step-by-step processes for syncing apps from your computer to your iPad, and for making the most of the software’s advanced graphical features: photos, tables, charts, and shapes (as well as document setup functions like setting the margins). From there, we move into templates, showing you how (and when) to use templates, and where to find more online.

To wrap up, we show you in the second-to-last section how to save and share documents out of the program. And finally, because your experience working with Pages will be even better if you can print and share your documents easily, we will discuss a number of third party apps that can help you print and share all kinds of documents from an iPad, not just Pages documents.
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Latest User Reviews

  • Manual for pages

    By Sechrist1
    I downloaded this book from iBooks. I found it hard to follow because they talked about things I could not find in my pages app. They also indicated there were desktop shots included and they weren't there. The. things they were talking about did not appear in my app that I downloaded.