Mayne Attraction: In The Spotlight by Ann Mauren

Mayne Attraction: In The Spotlight

By Ann Mauren

  • Publication Date: 2010-04-17
  • Genre: Suspense
4 Score: 4 (From 380 Ratings)

Book Synopsis

After a foiled abduction attempt, Ellery Mayne realizes that an entire security detail has been shadowing her every move, protecting her from danger she didn’t know she was in. Working to uncover the secrets behind her elusive watchers, she carefully conducts her own surveillance, testing the limits of professionals who think she is clueless about them. Though they are hard to spot, their loyalty and care for her is not. When she finds a way to declare her feelings for one of her guards, he is blindsided with joy but fearful that his team will lose its lucrative security contract because of his relationship with the mark they’ve all come to love.

As secrets to the identity and intentions of the team’s mysterious employer begin to unravel, Ellery’s deeply buried affections resurface and battle with the love and loyalty she feels for her guards and her new love. Searching for answers and conscious that her choices will impact loved ones and guardian angels alike, Ellery finds that her life is ‘In The Spotlight’ and she is the ‘Mayne Attraction.’

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Latest User Reviews

  • Not worth your time

    By Gailkc
    The first 300+ pages were rambling wandering drivel without any focus or discernible story line. I kept waiting for these childish ruminations to go somewhere. The actual plot became clear in about the last 50 pages. I made it through the whole book by speed reading and did so because I was curious to see if it ever went anywhere. Though it finally sparked a bit of interest, I won't be following up with the rest of Ms. Mayne's story.
  • Slow start but worth it

    By Sassy cort
    I enjoyed the book--the beginning I wasn't sure where it was going--but I can't wait for the next books to see what happens!
  • In The Spotlight: Mayne Attraction

    By J. Darrow
    This author is quite frankly phenomenal! I read 15-20 books a month and have for years. It is very rare to find an author that is this good at character and story development, suspense and emotion building, and all with a terrific tongue in cheek self-deprecating sense of humor! I loved this story! It was very refreshing and new in concept, and I will definitely buy anything Ann Mauren writes from here on out. I can't say enough wonderful things about her writing style!!!!!
  • Mayne Attraction

    By Brehm31
    Loved it! Can't wait to see where things go with Ash & Grayson!
  • Terrible book

    By Bee3tee
    Boring book
  • Love it

    By MamaSara3
    Can't wait to read the other books finished this one in about 4 hours only put it down when i absolutely had to hope the others are out soon or I'm going to go crazy
  • Loved it

    By Ctorres0215
    I love this book. I couldn't put it down and read it straight through. I completely fell in love with Ash . I can't wait till the other two books come out . I'm in love.
  • Great book

    By Mp910
    Looking forward to reading the next book in the series! It was hard to put down I so wanted to know what happened next.
  • So Good!

    By ECBS1234
    Great read, very well done. I was truly disappointed when I couldn't continue on the second book right away, I didn't want it to end! Thank goodness there is more to come, I will be waiting for it!!!
  • Loved it

    By Sarahsmomma1
    I loved this book, I couldn't put it down...look forward to the sequels .