A Girl Called London by Clare Lydon

A Girl Called London

By Clare Lydon

  • Publication Date: 2017-06-25
  • Genre: Gay

Book Synopsis

When life knocks you down, can love pick you up?

Tanya Grant is a high-flyer who’s ready for a fresh start. That is, until her gran dies, leaving behind her dog, Delilah, and a hot mess of family pain. Enter Sophie London, dog walker and girl about town. She’s on a romance sabbatical after getting burnt, and nothing changes when she meets Tanya.

However, when their paths keep crossing, the pair are thrown together on a roadtrip to Tanya’s home town. What happens next changes both their lives forever.

If you love romance with humour and heart — along with a cast of pooches — you’ll love the latest London Romance from the best-selling author of London Calling and This London Love. Join Tanya & Sophie on their journey of a lifetime as they discover whether love really can lift them up where they belong!

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Latest User Reviews

  • Sizzling sex that oozes off ..

    By sticksn03s
    Absolutely loved this book. Really loved the whole series, if there's more to come besides these three, bring it on! I found one typo or actually it seemed to be switch-a-roo when Sophie and Tanya were making love on the table; please correct me if I'm wrong but Sophie has blue eyes and Tanya has green, correct? Other than this, flawless in writing, grammar, (I'm no expert but I do my best), use of the English language it doesn't matter what country we hail from; when two hearts are open, in tune with each other, anything can happen. All good things come to those who are true. I'm so happy for both Tanya and Sophie that despite at the beginning both women held out and put their best foot forward and forged ahead because they knew in their hearts that it would be well worth it. Nothing can stand in your way when your truthful to yourself and to others. Hopefully there's a love story for Rachel? Sometimes wish Alice wasn't straight but .. there's something nagging at the back of my mind. There were several potentials for Rachel. The vet that took care of Delilah, another woman in Jess/Kate's past ?? Anyhow whomever it may be, it will be another great read and one I'm looking forward to reading. Too bad we couldn't pre-order it now.