The Soul Bond by Anita Oh

The Soul Bond

By Anita Oh

  • Publication Date: 2016-12-21
  • Genre: Paranormal
5 Score: 5 (From 5 Ratings)

Book Synopsis

A new threat. An unexpected ally. And a spark of unwanted power.

Sophomore year isn’t shaping up to be the cake walk that Lucy had hoped. Everyone still hates her. She can’t forgive Sam for his secrets. Her father is back and she can’t forgive him either. There’s been no sign of Hannah, and Lucy can’t help but resent her new roommate because of it.

And Tennyson Wilde is everywhere. In the dining room. In her dorm. In class. Even inside her head. She thinks it’s just a residual effect of being in his body, the fact that she can hear his thoughts, feel his feelings. But the more it happens, the worse it becomes and it seems to be awakening something inside her.

Lucy never wanted powers. She never wanted to be anything but a normal girl, but the longer she stays at Amaris, the more impossible that seems.

The Soul Bond is the fourth book in the YA paranormal romance series, Werewolf High. If you like fast-paced action, friendship and action, then don’t miss The Soul Bond.

Buy The Soul Bond today to continue the adventure!

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