Shift by Rikkaine Thompson


By Rikkaine Thompson

  • Publication Date: 2017-05-10
  • Genre: Horror, Monsters & Ghosts

Book Synopsis

Appearances can be deceiving.
A war has raged for so long the lines have blurred. Property of the Institute, genetically-altered Noah knows nothing of his inherent abilities. Barren walls, endless drills, and brutal missions are no way of life, and he longs for meaning outside the confines of the Institute.
As seventeen-year-old Alyson Gale prepares for college to follow her dream of becoming an animator, her greatest concern is leaving her best friend, Fletcher, behind. On the cusp of something good, her life changes in the worst way possible.
Trust is buried beneath layers of deceit and mimicry and Aly is exposed to the secrets of the Faceless, a truth that will change everything she knows. And, perhaps, destroy her too.

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Latest User Reviews

  • Trust the Snickers

    By Jadcke
    I've read many of this author's previous writings, but this book surpassed my wildest expectations. The characterization is spectacular, and the plot is very intriguing. At 4 dollars, this book is one of my favorites, and I'd be willing to pay three times that. I would highly recommend the purchase of this book.