Girl off the Grid by Kenzie Hart

Girl off the Grid

By Kenzie Hart

  • Publication Date: 2017-11-14
  • Genre: Romance
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 15 Ratings)

Book Synopsis

A travel romance that will take you on the adventure of a lifetime. 

NYC fashion blogger, Camille Caldwell, gets offered a dream job by her favorite magazine. They’re going to send her on an all-expenses paid eco-trip to Costa Rica. She doesn’t know what that means, but she assumes she’ll wear fabulous clothes, sip Piña Coladas on the beach, and have her photo taken “out in nature.” Really, the hardest part of the assignment will be giving up social media while she’s gone.

Going off social media is no big deal for London-based wildlife photographer, Adam Lloyd. The only reason he even has an account is to share his photos with the world. He’s thrilled when an international publication wants to hire him, until he finds out it’s a fashion magazine. He decides to take the job anyway—after all, it will be great for his portfolio. But the minute he sees Camille, he knows it was a mistake. She has too much luggage, is too high maintenance, and way too pretty.

When they meet, their feelings are mutual—they hate each other. Can these two stop fighting long enough to complete their assignment? Will Camille give up and go home when she discovers there’s nowhere to plug in her hair straightener?

Or will they both realize that sometimes you have to go off the grid to find yourself?

10% of book profits will be donated to the Sea Turtle Conservancy. It is the oldest sea turtle research and conservation group. It was founded in 1959 by Dr. Archie Carr. Their headquarters are in Florida, but they have programs worldwide that work to conserve sea turtle populations through education, research, advocacy, and protection of natural habitats. They also have a research station in Tortuguero, Costa Rica which was one of the places they visited in the book.

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Latest User Reviews

  • GOTG

    By 86Amysss86
    Loved the book. Kenzie did a good job, she made it feel like you are along on the adventure with Adam and Camille. You get to see another culture and see how you could make a difference like Adam and Camille talked about. It's a very inspiring book to read and will make you think. Highly recommend this book it's worth your time.
  • An ok read

    By Rachel Lentz Christiansen
    It was ok. Not really my style. There was a lot of fun banter between the two characters but I felt the book to be a little slow and drawn out. I would recommend to someone who likes a fun romance that’s clean.
  • Love the story

    By Z dog 2222222222
    This is a great story about an unexpected romance. The book was fast paced and gives you all the feels while reading it. My absolute favorite part was with the turtles. I would love to have more about these characters.
  • I Felt Like I Was On Vacation

    By E.H.Suit
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I thought it was a perfect YA book that showed the growth of the main characters. They were both charming in their own ways and were likable, funny characters. The thing the struck me the most was the description of Costa Rica. The details of the animals and sites they see along the way made me feel like I was on vacation sitting right next to them and experienceing everything with them. I loved being swept away to another place and have a little chuckle at the same time. I thought the knowledge I will take away from reading about this area will stay with me. I would highly recommend this book and look forward to sharing this story with my teenage daughter.
  • Sweet story with a GORGE Cover ❤️❤️

    By lisarut07
    I won't lie, I was a little leery of this story. Sometimes I have very high hopes for a book, but then the book lets me down. Or I have high hopes that when reading a new to me author co-writing with one of my favorite Authors, that they will blow me out of the water. Well I was the latter. The Dodd/Harp duo brought it with their story. From the very first page, down to the very last sentence I was entranced. They brought Costa Rica to life, through all the words. I was able to "visit" Costa Rica with Camille and Adam, because I was able to picture each scene, beautifully. The descriptions were mind blowing. From the colors of the toucans to the views of the volcano. Everything took hold of me and let my mind wander through their adventure. Camille is a true "city-girl" through and through and Adam is the "rugged-man," waiting on his next adventure. When matched up, these two really started off on the wrong foot. They couldn't be more opposite, and at first glance each had their own opinions. I felt their feelings were a mix of judging a book by its cover, and not too sure why he/she was selected to document their travels. Camille was sent to Costa Rica, because she is a big time Fashion Vlogger, to pretty much journal/record her feelings and the day to day events of this trip and Adam was sent, because he is an up and coming photographer, to shoot pictures of Camille as well as the day to day events. I really enjoyed this book. I especially enjoyed learning more about Kenzie Harp and her first hand experiences. I am eager to read more from both Jillian and Kenzie, together, but even more thrilled to see what is to come from Kenzie alone. The Dodd/Harp duo really surprised me. I loved every word, each emotion, and the feeling I had once I was finished with their book. It made me smile, and honestly, not many books bring forth the happiness I experienced with their story. This book was a first for me, too. I have never read a book about travel and vlogging. It made my reading a ton more fun! Ladies and Gents, if you are looking for an opposites attract, travel story, PLEASE read "Girl off the Grid!"
  • Paradise in a book!

    By kyhousman
    Another great book by Jillian Dodd! She also teamed up with her daughter Kenzie Hart. This story is about new experiences, adventures, and love. I've always wanted to go to Costa Rica but after reading this book, I'm now in dying to go to Costa Rica. It's a fun easy read. The chemistry is on point. And the way that the book is written it's like you're there experiencing it yourself from the beach to the rainforest. Get ready for an adventure and I definitely recommend this book. And on release week, 20% of all profits will go to the sea turtle conservancy! So get the book now! You won't be disappointed!
  • Loved this book!

    By Aduffie
    4.5 Stars This was the perfect YA adventure! I love Jillian Dodd’s writing. This was her daughter’s debut novel and it was fantastic. I hope we have more books co-written by them in the future. I love to read about adventures to places I would love to go. Camille is only 18 and has achieved so much success already. When an opportunity comes up to go to Costa Rica and be off grid with only a photographer she can’t pass it up. This means no phone or social media. Adam is a photographer and isn’t too sure about who they want to go with him to Costa Rica. He loves adventure and knows he can’t pass up this opportunity. Going into this he already has ideas of how Camille is going to be. Little by little he begins to see the real her, the one not many know. This was such a fun book and I loved that the characters didn’t instantly like each other. If you love YA this is the book for you. During release week 20% of the profits will be donated to the Sea Turtle Conservancy. So grab your copy this week and help support a good cause.
  • Overwhelmed

    By MwilBzj
    I love the concept of the book and how bringing such awareness to youth or however old you are reading this. Honestly i was really overwhelmed by the information. Seriously felt like i was on the tour the visuals were amazing, but for a headache from going to talking about the population of one town and why this and this is relevant to “oh my gosh he is such a know it all/ why is he so hott” a lot of whiplash. I’m not saying I didn’t like the book and I think this is an amazing way to raise awareness
  • Fun read

    By SpRiTe_21
    Such a fun, easy read. This book makes you feel like you are on a Costa Rica adventure with Camille and Adam. It was fun to watch these two characters grow into bright, young adults during the story. A young adult book that girls (or boys) of any age would enjoy.
  • Can I go off the grid?!

    By BookNerd1217
    We all know by now Jillian is one of my go to authors and I was excited to see a new book from her and her daughter Kenzie. This book is everything we would expect out of Jillian. I am not sure how the writing took place in this book but I can say the collaboration was flawless. The best thing about this book was the message it sent to facing your fears no matter how inconsequential they may seem to others and living life to the fullest. Going on adventures you normally wouldn't. Talking to people who you would pass by on the street in your haste to get to your next, planned out destination. Taking chances. Both characters in this book went way out of their comfort zones and found that life isn't always bad when you do that. In fact, it might just be the adventure you need to add a little spark to your life and perhaps make you do a little soul digging into your own life. The descriptions the authors were able to put in this book about Costa Rica make me want to plan a trip there. Makes me yearn for the simple life these people live but yet find such joy in. It makes me want to unplug like Camille had to for a few days and just remember the beauty that surrounds us every day if we just look hard enough. I also learned so many things from this book about conservation and the things needed to help our planet keep thriving and that was only in a very small part of the entire world. Jillian and Kenzie made me believe that little ole me could help just by doing small things. I will say the only issue I had with this book was the believing the relationship between Camille and Adam was true love by the end. Why? Because for most of the book they were absolutely annoyed with each other and they were only together for a week. Jillian is the queen of writing tension and true love in my eyes and this one just fell a little short compared to her other books. I could have believed a real friendship, but love? Just not buying it. But maybe, just maybe we will get to see Camille and Adam on another adventure and they will change my mind. Even with that little issue I had I would still highly recommend this book for a great summer read! It's full of fun adventures and the descriptions are so detailed you can't help but imagine you being in Costa Rica right along with all the characters. So go pick this one up! And by doing so you will also help donate to the Sea Turtle Conservatory so it's a win not only for you but for the environment!