Lucky Break by Carly Phillips

Lucky Break

By Carly Phillips

  • Publication Date: 2017-06-06
  • Genre: Contemporary
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 10 Ratings)

Book Synopsis

Jason Corwin knows he should resist his attraction to Lauren Perkins. After all, it was one of her ancestors who came up with the curse that had haunted every Corwin male since. But after one night of mind-blowing sex with his supposed—and very seductive—enemy, he can't bring himself to stay away.

All Lauren wants is to sell her late grandmother's old house and leave the past behind forever. But that's not an easy thing to do with gorgeous contractor Jason Corwin whispering sweet, sexy somethings in her ear. About staying. Then a saboteur and the promise of hidden treasure change everything, and one lucky break that just might put an end to the Corwin curse.

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Latest User Reviews

  • The Series Ender Was the Best of the Three!!

    By ltladyz
    This is the third book in the Lucky series. I rated each book a 5 but this would be higher if I could. Jason Corwin was an Olympic snowboarder who tested positive for illegal drugs. Only thing is he was set up. Now he is back in town hiding. Lauren Perkins, a dress designer and grand daughter of the late Mary Perkins. She is also the sister of Mary Elizabeth Perkins, who is in a prison mental hospital for stuff you would know about if you have read the other two books. So, Lauren is in town to fix up her grandma's house and sell it. Oh course that is not all.... there is history between Jason and Lauren in spite on the Corwin curse that was started by a Perkins. This is not just Jason and Lauren's story but all the Corwin's story. This book was so inspirational, the way it talked about mental health out in the open...getting help. Love,trust, family. Great series! I recommend all 3 books in order below Lucky Charm Lucky Strike Lucky Break
  • Great Series End!

    By Cali Jewel
    Sweet, sexy, fun and emotional romance. Can love bring an end to the curse and bring two families together after so much bad blood between them? Jason Corwin is back home and working as a contractor when he has one life altering night with Lauren Perkins. Lauren's long ago grandmother Mary is the witch who cursed the male Corwin line a long time ago. Lauren is just trying to sell a family home and leave the past behind her forever, until Jason tempts her by whispering sweet, sexy somethings in her ear. About staying... could this be the end of the Corwin Curse?
  • My favorite of the series!!!

    By sferguson105
    This was definitely my favorite of the series, and the perfect ending to it! I loved the second chance romance that Lauren and Jason got, and how their chemistry was still so strong even after being apart for years. There was plenty of suspense elements in this book, and had me on the edge of my seat towards the end. It was great catching up with all the secondary characters, and seeing the older Corwin's calm down.... a smidge lol. A fantastic book that I would definitely recommend!!
  • Another good read in this series

    By Christine Miller28
    I loved watching Jason and Lauren work against the Corwin curse. They each belonged to a family that was part of the curse and knew they should be together. Jason and Lauren had been together one summer before life took them in different directions. Now when Lauren comes back to town to finish packing up her grandmother's estate, Jason doesn't want to let her go again, curse be damned. This was another good read in this series. I loved catching up with Derek and Gabrielle and Mike and Amber, too. The grumpy old Corwin men were fun to read about, too. This was a good read. I did read it out of order and will go back and read book 2. Each of the 3 books can be read as stand alone books.
  • Loved this fun, crazy, suspenseful story!

    By tsmb02(Sue G.)
    The third story is Jason Corwin and Lauren Perkin's story. That's right...a Corwin and a Perkin's together!!!! Jason Corwin's life is falling apart. He was training for the Olympics in snowboarding when he failed his drug test. Jason had never taken drugs and realized he was set up by the girl he was dating. Turns out she was actually with Jason's biggest competition and they set him up. Now back in Stewart, MA, Jason opened up his own construction company and trying to stay out of the limelight. Lauren Perkin's is in town to fix up her Aunt Mary's house to sell it and then she's off to Paris because her designs are finally being shown on the runway! She is also trying to help her sister, Beth, who is in a psych ward because of the fire she created last year. The last thing she wants is to run into Jason. She hasn't seen him since they were teenagers and had shared a wonderful summer together up until her Aunt sent her away....but it would be fun to see him from a distance. When Clara, Uncle Edward's girlfriend reads Jason's tarot cards, she tells him that a lady with a red mask is going to rock his world. Imagine his surprise when he sees Lauren Perkins' at the fall festival, in a red mask! When Lauren approaches him, she doesn't tell him who she is and he plays along. I loved when they snuck off together to the barn.....that was fun. When Jason helps his cause to be the person to fix up her Aunt's house, Lauren isn't happy but finally accepts...with the promise that it is all business. Of course that didn't last too long! ;) As they work on the house, strange things keep happening causing Lauren to need Jason even more. Together Lauren and Jason work to figure out who is causing all of their problems and end up with a big surprise. I enjoyed the way these two worked through their problems to finally get to their happy ending. I loved what happened regarding the curse too! Overall it made for a fun, crazy, suspenseful story.
  • Lucky Break by Carly Phillips

    By Jen G F
    ARC for honest review with no compensation Lucky Break is the 3rd and final book in the Lucky series and what a way to end the “curse” over all the Corwin men…."Any Corwin male who falls in love will be destined to lose his love and his fortune” so not true….. This is about Jason Corwin and Lauren Perkins and if you read the other two books you will know the curse was put in place by a Perkins from long, long ago. While the younger generation is starting to not believe in the curse the older generation still strongly believes!! So when Jason and Lauren make a re-connection the good old boys will do whatever they can to stop the relationship from happening….but Jason is determined to show them that while Lauren has the last name of Perkins she has nothing to do with the “curse” and they want to have their second chance at a HEA. Lauren on the other hand just wants to sell her deceased grandmother’s house, take care of her sister who is in a prison psychiatric hospital in what the doctors are calling a comatose state but all is not what it seems….. Jason and Lauren are working together to solve the mystery of the “curse” after finding an old diary in the house as they are fixing it up. Will they figure out the mystery and solve the “curse” to find their HEA or will the “curse” continue for future generations???? Will all other loose ends be tied up too??? You need to read to find out! ! ! !
  • Great ending to the series!!!

    By Crystal Singer
    What a way to end the Lucky Series. I think Carly Phillips wrapped this trilogy of books up perfectly. What could be sweeter than seeing a Corwin end up with a Perkins!? Laura Perkins family had been carrying on with the nonsense of the Corwin Curse for far too long. She didn't care nor did she believe any such thing existed. She just needed to sell her grandma's house and get out of town. Enter Jason Corwin. After wrongfully being kicked out of the snowboarding world, Jason is home and working for his family in the construction business. He and Lauren can't deny their attraction towards each other. Even though their families won't doesn't stop them. And thank heavens it doesn't! ;) These two burned up the sheets! Some family drama, sexiness, fun and catching up with the others from previous books make this read a great one! Happy reading!