Type by Khalil Woods


By Khalil Woods

  • Publication Date: 2016-01-14
  • Genre: Ghost

Book Synopsis

While Ashton was finding a manuscript for his Mom's next bestselling novel, he comes upon an old typewriter. A 1975 Smith-Corona Electra to be exact. He thought that his mother was going to type on it all night, but soon he notices that this isn't any of his mom's work. In fact, it belongs to a poet named Gertrude D. Mackabellow who had committed suicide with her typewriter after she did gruesome murders.

Every night her poems appear typed on the typewriter and each one includes one of her murders. Soon, the murders reenact near Ashton and he sees that her presence might be nearby, wherever he goes.

Will Ashton be able to find out what the deceased poet wants dearly for her wish? Or will be continuously tortured by this crazy lady? Find out in Type.

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