You've Got Tail by Renee George

You've Got Tail

By Renee George

  • Publication Date: 2016-10-26
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
5 Score: 5 (From 6 Ratings)

Book Synopsis

Peculiar Mysteries series from USA Today bestselling author Renee George are laugh-out-loud, grip the edge of your seat, and swoon as you fall in love tales of mystery, humor, and romance that take place in the small (fictional) Ozark shifter town of Peculiar, Missouri.

Sunny Haddock, an animal-loving vegetarian psychic, is stoked to leave California behind to start a new life in the Ozark town of Peculiar with her best friend Chavvah Trimmel. She ups the moving date when Chav goes missing, and Sunny high tails it to the small town. What Sunny doesn't realize is that she's moving into a community of were-shifters, and they don't want a human resident. Especially one dumb enough to arrive a couple of days before the full moon--the only night of the month shifters have to take their pure animal forms.

When the gorgeous Babel Trimmel, Chav's younger brother, (along with the sheriff, the mayor, and some other nice folk) suggests Sunny haul her U-haul and butt back out of town, she's undeterred. Her psychic abilities might be out-of-whack, and blood makes her faint, but she's not a quitter. Besides, she's not about to go anywhere until she finds out what happened to Chavvah.

But Sunny has more to deal with than unfriendly disturbing killer visions and the dog-like animal no one else sees that seems to be stalking her every move. To make matters worse, she is finding Babel to be more irresistible than crack on a donut.

Sunny needs to get her ability and her hormones under control if she wants to solve the mystery and save her best friend.

"Move over Cesar Millan, Sunny's in town, and this psychic makes house calls. Hilarious!" Dakota Cassidy, USA Today Bestselling author of the Accidental series.

This paranormal cozy mystery contains werewolves, shifters, psychics, ghosts, and supernatural beings.

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