Serial Killers Unsolved by Robert Keller

Serial Killers Unsolved

By Robert Keller

  • Publication Date: 2016-08-18
  • Genre: True Crime

Book Synopsis

10 Real-life Serial Killer Mysteries That Have Never Been Solved

True crime cases included in this volume;

Zodiac: America's most enigmatic serial killer. Zodiac killed at least 5 and carried on an extended letter writing campaign, taunting the San Francisco police and daring them to try and stop him.

The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run: Not even celebrated crime fighter Eliot Ness could put an end to the Butcher's deadly murder spree.

The Monster of Florence: Il Mostro stalked the lover's lanes and campsites around Florence for over two decades, killing and harvesting body parts.

Jack the Ripper: The granddaddy of all serial killers. Saucy Jack terrorized London's East End for three blood-drenched months in 1888, leaving a trail of mutilated corpses in his wake.

The Axeman of New Orleans: A homicidal maniac who reeked havoc on New Orleans during the early part of the 20th century and seemed to bear a particular grudge against Italian grocers.

The Boston Strangler: Albert De Salvo took the fall while the real Strangler, slayer of as many as 13 women, walked free.

The Frankford Slasher: A lethal ripper who stalked the streets of Philadelphia during the 1980's killing and mutilating his victims.

Bible John: A Bible-sprouting psychopath who raped and strangled three young women in 1960's Glasgow. But was he eventually caught for another murder?

The Servant Girl Annihilator: A deadly serial killer who started by targeting Austin's servant population, before setting his sights on the city's social elite.

Jack the Stripper: The Stripper bamboozled London's police in the 60's committing a series of strangulation murders that have never been solved.

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