Blood Brothers Vol.1 by Robert Keller

Blood Brothers Vol.1

By Robert Keller

  • Publication Date: 2016-08-18
  • Genre: True Crime

Book Synopsis

25 Shocking True Crime Stories of American’s Worst African American serial killers

Henry Louis Wallace: the Charlotte Strangler murdered nine women in a two-year spree that had the FBI’s best profilers stumped.

Benjamin Atkins:serial strangler who terrorized Detroit, Michigan, claiming an astonishing eleven victims in just nine months.

Ahron Kee : child rapist and murderer who turned the projects of East Harlem into his personal killing ground.

Kendall Francois: known as "Stinky," Francois was arrested with the bodies of eight murdered prostitutes decomposing in his attic.

Carlton Gary: a truly heartless murderer who preyed on frail old ladies, strangling them to death in their beds.

Alton Coleman & Debra Brown: this murderous pair embarked on a killing spree across five states, leaving a trail of death in their wake.

Calvin Jackson: necrophile rapist who terrorized a New York hotel, claiming nine elderly victims in under a year.

Cleophus Prince Jr: killer who held San Diego in a grip of fear, as he raped and stabbed six young women to death in their apartments.

Wayne Williams: suspected of murdering 29 children, teenagers and young men during a series known as the Atlanta Child Murders. Doubts persist over his guilt.

Vaughn Greenwood: the Skid Row Slasher hacked and stabbed eleven men to death during a killing spree spanning a decade.

Plus 15 more sensational true crime cases….Scroll up and grab a copy today.

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