Reaching by Adina Araptai


By Adina Araptai

  • Publication Date: 2016-04-13
  • Genre: Romance

Book Synopsis

Vanessa is a new girl in school. She is beautiful, smart, and every boy in school is after her. Born in the United Kingdom to immigrant parents, she decides to join one of the top high schools within the country. She soon becomes the attraction of every boy in school, dethroning Esta, who previously held the title. She creates rivalry with Esta after dating her boyfriend, Joel. Arthur is a student in the literature class. He is Joels best friend and the most unpopular boy in school with the most popular friend in school. Soon Vanessa starts to get attracted to Arthur after getting to know him. When she breaks up with Joel, he is so mad that he gets his best friend expelled from school. With Arthur gone, he gets back with Vanessa, who is so in love with Arthur even after he is expelled. Esta suspects the reason Joel got his friend expelled from school is far from Vanessa, and she is determined to find the reason as Arthur is her friend. Arthur finds a new school and promises himself that what happened to him will not go unpaid. He will go back and find out who set him up and pay back.

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